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April 8, 2024


How does VIVLA select vacation homes for co-ownership?

Dreaming of a vacation home that feels like a luxury hotel but still screams, 'This is mine'?

VIVLA might just be your next smart move.

We cherry-pick the top 5% of homes, turning them into co-owned slices of paradise. It’s simple. If a home looks great in pictures and even more in person, it’s likely on our list.

You don’t just buy a house; you buy a lifestyle that’s all set up and waiting for you. There are no fixer-uppers here, only move-in-ready gems in destinations you love.

Think less about the hassle and more about unforgettable gatherings and memories waiting to happen. With us, you can discover the perfect place for your unique lifestyle. From the charming Ribes Home to the spacious Gades Villa, we've got the perfect home for you. Here's how we pick!

VIVLA's Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Vacation Homes for Co-ownership

At VIVLA, selecting the ideal vacation home for co-ownership isn’t just about finding a stunning property; it’s about discovering a space where luxury, comfort, and practicality meet. Here’s an inside look at the specific criteria we use to ensure every home we select is not just a place to stay, but a destination in itself.

Elite Selection

First and foremost, we filter through the market to identify homes within the top 5% nationwide. This elite selection ensures that every property we consider has already established itself as a cut above the rest. Whether it's the architectural design, the state of preservation, or the unique features of the home, historical revaluation, our standards are non-negotiable.

Luxury and Livability

A VIVLA-worthy home must excel in both exclusivity and comfort. We look for properties that blend exclusive design with a welcoming atmosphere. These homes should make owners proud to showcase them and be comfortable enough for owners to relax and enjoy downtime with family and friends. VIVLA hits that perfect balance between showpiece and haven.

Move-In Ready Condition

We ensure that each property is in ready-to-move-in condition. Some of our homes require no major renovations or repairs at the time of purchase. We maintain this standard so our co-owners can start their vacations the moment they get their keys without dealing with contractors.

Desirable Locations

Location plays a key role in our selection process. Our properties are strategically situated in or near sought-after vacation spots, ensuring they are not only valuable but also desirable. Most of these locations are within easy driving distance of major urban areas or accessible by nearby airports, making it easy for owners to escape without extensive travel plans.

Community and Conformity

We select homes that fit seamlessly into vibrant communities known for their quality and exclusivity. This approach ensures that each VIVLA home is surrounded by other high-caliber properties, fostering a sense of community and belonging among co-owners and enhancing the overall vacation experience.

Exceptional Amenities

Every VIVLA home is equipped with premium, resort-like amenities that enhance the living experience. Depending on the location and climate, these can include features like hot tubs, breathtaking views, chef’s kitchens, pools, and outdoor entertainment areas. These amenities are selected to impress and provide functional benefits that elevate every stay.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

Our selection is based on a property's visual and emotional impact. We look for homes with a distinctive ‘wow’ factor—properties that stand out due to their aesthetic appeal, unique design elements, or stunning surroundings. In photos and in person, these homes should grab your heart right away.

Modern Conveniences

Finally, we prioritize homes that offer modern conveniences and have been either newly built or recently renovated to include contemporary comforts. This ensures that each home meets current standards for technology, energy efficiency, and overall functionality, which are essential for a truly relaxing and trouble-free vacation experience.

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How does our process work?

VIVLA helps you co-own your dream luxury vacation home with these steps

  • Fin Your Dream Home: Start your VIVLA journey by browsing our selection. Chat with our market experts who get to know you and what you're looking for in a vacation lifestyle.
  • Try Before You Buy: Not sure yet? No problem. We set up virtual tours, in-person visits, or even arrange a stay for you at one of our VIVLA homes. Feel the vibe and see if it clicks.
  • Get to the Details: Got questions? We've got answers. Our legal team is here to clarify any concerns and walk you through the contract before you sign. Transparent, professional, no surprises.
  • Book and Relax: Once you're in, booking your stay is easy. Plan a year in advance or swap weeks with other owners. Enjoy your six weeks of vacation every year, hassle-free.
  • Freedom to Change: Life changes, and so can your vacation home. Sell or swap your share anytime. We help set the price, find buyers, and handle the legal stuff, making sure you’re all set.
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Final Thoughts

With VIVLA, you have the luxury, convenience, freedom, and flexibility of home. We handle the heavy lifting, from maintenance to management, so you can focus on quality time with your loved ones in your dream destination.

You now know our selection criteria, ready to co-own and enjoy a stress-free vacation?

Curious about how our homes can enhance your vacation lifestyle? Click here to explore our exclusive selection of homes.


1. When can I use my VIVLA home?
You get 42 days a year. This splits differently for beach and mountain homes, ensuring you enjoy peak seasons and quiet times alike.

2. What if I want to try the home before buying?
We encourage it! Set up a virtual tour, visit in person, or book a short stay. This way, you can be sure the home fits your needs before committing.

3. What are annual maintenance expenses?
Annual maintenance costs range between 1.5% to 2% of your home's fraction price, typically translating to about €200 monthly.

4. Can I rent out my VIVLA home?
Absolutely. It’s your property; you can rent it out. We handle the rentals for you without charging any commission, ensuring you earn a steady income.

5. What happens if I want to sell my fraction?
You can sell your shares anytime after the first year. Set your price, handle the sale yourself, or let us manage everything from finding buyers to finalizing the sale.

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