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Investors & Advisors
Investors & Advisors
We are proud to work with leading European and international Venture Capital firms.


The VIVLA Philosophy

At VIVLA, we care about your lifestyle and wealth, so we have thoughtfully designed a different model to buy homes in a flexible way. You can enjoy the best fully serviced luxury villas in Europe without wasting a fortune on them.

We personally curate the most unique properties and exclusive services in top Mediterranean destinations to offer our members the opportunity to become homeowners with absolute flexibility and peace of mind.
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We take care of every step of your buying process, including any legal or administrative work, as well as any detail of managing your home. It´s easy and flexible. We also provide a full customized list of accommodation services so you can make the most of every getaway trip, and feel at home every single time.

The people behind Vivla

Vivla core values

Exciting homes full of life, 
Exciting lives full of homes.

Live and love every home and every destination
Be passionate about our markets, visit them, live in them, get out of the building
Go places you’ve never been
Experiment, try new things, get out of your comfort ‘home’ 
24/7 Concierge mindset
Obsessed about our providing the best possible customers experience, every action, every time
Be a (flexible) owner, not a renter
Act with ownership, accept responsibilities, think long term, adapt to circumstances with flexibility.  Renters are just too short term sighted.  
Together is SO MUCH better 
The power of shared experiences will change how you view the world. Collaborate, trust each other, become part of something bigger than yourself
Excellent & Exciting Experiences 
Everything we do must be excellent and must feel exciting. No tolerance for mediocrity. Build experiences that make people feel special and unique. 
Top dreamers at a dream place
Only dreaming big and being ambitious we will reach our long term goals. Top talent, with optimistic mindset, building their dream home at Vivla, to live here their best professional moments
Improve the Real Estatus Quo 
We love real estate, so much we want to make it much better. Challenge the existing rules and make them better