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With VIVLA your holiday home is more than just an investment: it's an opportunity to strengthen family connections, forge traditions, build equity and create a lifetime of memories for all generations to come.

Interior of one of our wonderful houses
Step 1

Find your dream home

Begin your VIVLA journey by exploring our selection of homes and talking to our Market experts.  Let us get to know you better to assess if VIVLA is the lifestyle purchase your family needs.

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Step 2

Try before you buy

Want to try before you buy? Our team will help set up a virtual tour, in-person visit or book a stay at any VIVLA home, so you can fall in love and see if it’s right for you.

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Step 3

Get questions solved and paperwork ready.

Our legal team will address any questions or concerns you may have, and thoroughly review the contract with you before you sign. A transparent and professional purchasing process with all legal guarantees, robust contracts and full ownership title signed at notary.

The Baqueira chairlift
Step 4

Book, exchange, and enjoy!

It’s time to enjoy! As a VIVLA owner, booking your stays is simple. Plan 12 months ahead and enjoy 6 weeks every year. Plus, you can easily and seamlessly exchange weeks with other VIVLA owners at any location.

Interior of the living room of a house with wonderful views of the beach
Step 5

Freedom to sell or transfer anytime

VIVLA properties appreciate in value, ensuring seamless and profitable resale. You set the price, and we find a buyer within 6 months. Or easily transfer to a better VIVLA home anytime.

Meet our expert guides

Our Real state specialist, Elena Pernia

Captivated by the luxury real estate sector for +10 years, with a background in esteemed agencies like Engel & Völkers, she now leads as our Head of SDRs.

🤍 Favorite destination: Cadiz

Elena Pernía Aznar

SDR Team Leader
Our Chief Sales Officer, Alvaro López-Sotelo

Bringing over 15 years of experience, Co-founder status at Revenue Squared and Real Estate lover, he's revolutionizing our sales approach at VIVLA.

🤍 Favorite destination: Menorca

Alvaro López-Cotelo

Chief Sales Officer at Vivla
Our Sales Account Executive, Pepe Ivars

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Pepe has independently launched several projects. As one of our top sales executives, he plays a pivotal role in driving the growth of VIVLA.

🤍 Favorite destination: Denia

Pepe Ivars Tur

Account Executive
Got questions?

When can I use my house?

You always get 42 days, which are divided differently depending on whether they are beach or mountain houses.

Beach: 6 weeks

June-September (high season): 2 weeks

(mid-season): 2 weeks

(low season): 2 weeks

Mountain: 7 stays

Ski season: 17 days divided into 3 stays.

1 stay of five days in high season (December Bridge, Christmas, Epiphany, and Holy Week)

2 stays in mid-season. These are the remaining ski weeks that are not high season.

Rest of the year:

3 stays of 6 days

1 stay of 7 days in July or August.

What annual maintenance expenses do I have?

They vary depending on each house, usually between 1.5% and 2% per year of the price of the fraction. That is, if my fraction costs 100,000 euros, the normal thing is that my monthly maintenance expense is around 200€.

Can I leave my things at home?

Yes, we have storage spaces available so you can leave some of your things, such as skis in the case of Baqueira.

Can I rent my house and generate an income?

Yes, it is your house and you can rent it out. We take care of doing it for you so you don't have to worry about anything, and we do not charge any commission for this. The price is set based on the market.

What happens if I want to sell my fraction?

You can sell your shares any time after the first 12 months. You decide on the selling price and can sell by yourself. Alternatively, we can fully take care of the sale by finding and selecting buyers, advertising your shares on our website, doing any additional marketing work, and working jointly with real estate agents to finalize the process.