At VIVLA Studio, we seamlessly blend interior design, architecture, and engineering to redefine the concepts of comfort, versatility, and timelessness in every home we create.

Our arquitecture design team meticulously measures each room and strategically plans the layout to maximize every inch of space.

Exceptional design — we curate a unique blend of top-brand furniture, locally sourced artwork, and destination-specific decor.

We prioritize durable, weather-resistant natural materials that are sustainably sourced in our designs.

Our spaces are thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly adapt to our owners' varied needs, accommodating diverse uses with ease.

Additionally, we have established strategic commercial partnerships with industry leaders to ensure the highest standards of quality.

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Personalized Home Experience — Thoughtfully crafted with our owners’ lifestyle.

We're committed to creating homes that serve as inviting, fully equipped, and impeccably designed homes, meticulously customized to fulfill the individual vision of each owner for an unparalleled experience.

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Details matter.

We meticulously consider every aspect and detail in crafting each home. Just as when we travel, we seek to immerse ourselves in the visual elements and cultural essence of the area. Each house has it’s own identity, offering a truly unique experience.

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Meet our architects and designers

Maria Rivero Alonso

Head of VIVLA Studio

María Sacristán Izcue


Meet the owners

Voice of our customers

Ibai Laparra

“I had been to Formentera once, but nothing comparable to this. It has been magical, when we arrived at the spectacular villa everything was perfect, we couldn't ask for more.”

Juan Frontela

“Incredible experience in Formentera thanks to Vivla, you can see the professionalism and taste of the team. The house is fantastic (decoration, cleanliness, staff, location)...”

Elena Sanchez Valles

“Magnificent experience, a dream place that allows you to enjoy with the family but maintain independence at the same time. Vacation to repeat.”

Arnaud laigre de grainville

“Villa Fir is an exceptional home, meticulously crafted for the ski enthusiast, featuring top-quality materials and breathtaking mountain vistas.”


“Our experience in the house has been spectacular, out of 10. Spectacular decoration, cleanliness, details, environment”

Alvaro Diez Ruiz-Oriol

“The weekend we spent in one of Vivla's houses, Casa Saona, was impressive. The location of the villa, the decoration, the attention of the Vivla Experience Managers, their recommendations”