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April 9, 2024


Make Sotogrande your second home

If you're looking for a luxury family holiday, Valderrama Home is for you.

Easy, convenient and affordable.

With its panoramic views, Valderrama Home adds an extra layer of beauty and tranquility to your family vacation.

Valderrama Home has everything you need for an unforgettable family vacation. The breathtaking scenery enhances the overall experience, creating lasting memories for the whole family, whether you're enjoying a morning coffee on the terrace or watching the sunset with your loved ones.

In this blog, we'll tell you why Valderrama Home in Sotogrande isn't just a vacation home but a smart, stress-free investment in your family's happiness and financial future.

Valderrama Home: A Gem in Sotogrande

Sotogrande is not just a destination; it's a lifestyle. Located in a region known for its lush golf courses and vibrant marina, Valderrama Home offers access to everything this area has to offer. You're investing in one of Spain's most prestigious communities, not just real estate.

Investing in a property in a prestigious community like Valderrama Home not only provides you with a luxurious living space but also grants you access to a vibrant lifestyle and a strong sense of community vibes. This luxury home offers top-notch amenities (private terrace, communal pool, right next to Valderrama's golf course), stunning views, and proximity to renowned golf courses and marinas, making it an ideal place to enjoy Sotogrande while creating lasting memories.

The home's features, including the communal pool and spacious terraces, are designed to make your leisure time more enjoyable and provide a place for quality family time. The backyard is spacious and private, ideal for barbecues and picnics. The pool offers a refreshing escape from the summer heat. The terraces are perfect for enjoying the sun or stargazing in the evening.

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Inside the Valderrama Home

Once you step into the Valderrama Home in Sotogrande, you'll understand why it's more than just a place to stay! The Valderrama Home offers the perfect blend of luxury and comfort, with every detail designed to make you feel at home.

Each bedroom and bathroom offers comfort and privacy, and the kitchen has the latest appliances, so you can cook for two or the whole family.

Here’s what makes each space special:
- Living Areas: Open up to a private terrace, perfect for enjoying serene mornings or tranquil evenings.
- Communal Pool: Ideal for a refreshing swim on hot days.
- Garden: Offers a peaceful escape with lush greenery, perfect for quiet moments or family fun.
- Bedrooms: Designed for maximum comfort, ensuring a restful sleep.
- Bathrooms: Modern and spacious, equipped with top-notch fixtures for a spa-like experience.
- Kitchen: Features state-of-the-art appliances and ample space, great for cooking and socializing.

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Financial and Ownership Structure

The co-ownership model at Valderrama Home in Sotogrande lets you enjoy luxury and make smart financial decisions. Let's break down how it works:

  • Price Point: You can own this luxury vacation home for six weeks every year for just 165.000€, which is a fraction of what it would cost to own outright.
  • Ownership Fraction: With 1/8 ownership, you own a piece of the property without having to worry about maintenance.
  • Annual Allocation: Enjoy six weeks per year at your property, strategically spread out to optimize both personal enjoyment and investment potential.

With co-ownership, luxury living becomes more accessible and practical. By sharing costs, you reduce expenses without sacrificing enjoyment. Furthermore, this model is flexible, allowing for an investment that can evolve over time. For instance, if one of the owners decides to move away, they can sell their share and recoup their investment.

Best Places To See Around Sotogrande

When you invest in a holiday home like Valderrama Home in Sotogrande, you're not just buying a property; you're also investing in a lifestyle full of fun things to do. Every visit is an adventure, and there's always something new to explore in Sotogrande.

Sotogrande is a top destination for vacations and investments because of:
Beaches: Whether you're into sunbathing, swimming, or just enjoying a sunset, the beaches offer a perfect backdrop for relaxation and family fun. Sotogrande has some great beaches nearby:
- Playa El Cabrero (Cala Sardina): Secluded and serene, perfect for a quiet day by the sea.
- Playa Torreguadiaro: Bustling with life, lined with eateries and bars—ideal for social butterflies.
- Playa Sotogrande: Offers extensive sandy stretches and beachside dining, great for families and foodies.
- Playa Guadalquitón: Quiet and undisturbed, it’s a hidden gem for peaceful retreats.
- Playa Torrecarbonera: Offers a natural escape, less crowded for those seeking privacy.
- Campamento and Guadarranque: Known for their rustic charm and cultural exploration.

Dining and Nightlife: Sotogrande boasts many dining options. From casual seaside eateries to high-end restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every palate. After dinner, explore the vibrant nightlife and mingle with both locals and visitors.

Cultural Experiences: Dive into local culture with visits to nearby historical sites and museums. Experience local festivals vibrant with Spanish heritage and community spirit.
La Marina: Spend a day at the marina for some sailing or just to enjoy the scenic views. It’s a hub for water sports and also a great place to relax.
Santa Maria Polo Club: Known as one of the best polo clubs globally, attending a match or even a practice session is a thrilling way to spend an afternoon.
The Jolly Mile: For something a bit different, explore this vintage motor tour around Sotogrande, offering a unique and fun way to see the sights.

Full Vitality Spa Sotogrande: Treat yourself to a day of pampering and relaxation at this luxury spa, a perfect way to unwind after a day of adventure.

Sotojets Jet Ski: Add some adrenaline to your stay with jet skiing adventures right off the coast.
These attractions not only enhance your holiday experience but also add to the property's value, making your investment even more worthwhile. 
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The Advantages of Owning a Holiday Home in Sotogrande

Here's why you should own a holiday home in Sotogrande:
- Investment Potential: Real estate in Sotogrande has shown steady appreciation because of its elite status and high demand. Investing here means your property's value will grow over time.
- Cost-Effective Luxury: With co-ownership, like the 1/8 ownership offered at Valderrama Home, you can experience the luxury of an exclusive holiday home without the full cost. This makes high-end holidays more accessible.
- Exclusive Living: Sotogrande is known for its private and secure environment, making it a favorite among discerning buyers looking for exclusivity and privacy.
- Community and Privacy: The balance between community and private spaces is perfect here. You can mingle with like-minded neighbors or enjoy a quiet day in your garden.
- Hassle-Free Ownership: Co-ownership means shared responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep, reducing your burden and ensuring the home is always ready for your arrival.
- Flexible Use: You have access to your holiday home for multiple weeks throughout the year, allowing you to plan vacations around your schedule.

How to Buy Valderrama Home?

Ready to make Valderrama Home in Sotogrande yours? It's simple with VIVLA. Here’s how:

  1. Choose Your Dream Home: First, let us know your preferences. VIVLA will curate a collection of homes that match your criteria. Choose to explore them virtually or set up an in-person visit.
  2. Experience It Firsthand: Book a stay at Valderrama Home. Feel the comfort, see the beauty, and experience the community firsthand—make sure it's the right fit for you.
  3. Make It Yours: Our dedicated legal team at VIVLA ensures a transparent and smooth purchasing process. They'll guide you through every step, answering any questions you might have.

VIVLA makes owning your dream holiday home effortless and exciting. Just like buying, we also helps you sell your holiday home when you're ready. At VIVLA, we provide exclusive access to a vibrant market of buyers where you control the sale price.


With its stunning amenities, exclusive community, and co-ownership benefits, Valderrama Home in Sotogrande gives you quality family time and a great return on investment.

If you're ready to take the next step towards owning a piece of paradise, contact VIVLA today. Our team is here to help you through every step.

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