Enjoy 6
weeks per year per fraction

Each owner can enjoy 42 days per year per fraction. You can consume your days as you wish.

Program your getaways

Every owner has a 24/7 Experience Manager, an expert planner to help you plan your stays from beginning to end.

Guaranteed Time

At vivla we have created a flexible system to guarantee good weeks to all owners, every year and in all seasons.

when you want

You can do whatever you want with your days, enjoy the property, share it  with your loved ones, or rent the property.

Scheduling details

Time at home

At vivla we have created a flexible system to guarantee good weeks to all owners, every year and in all seasons.

The owners can enjoy 6 weeks per each fraction they buy.

1 week in high season per fraction, 2 weeks in mid season per fraction and 3 weeks in low season per fraction.
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Booking App & Experience Manager

Each owner has access to a calendar in the app where they can schedule their getaways from the time of purchase.

Also an Experience Manager will help you with your planning all year. And is guaranteed 6 planned getaways per year. If you have not consumed all your days you can use them when there is availability. Booked stays can be easily modified if your plans change.


A VIVLA house, a select place to enjoy, have fun and live life to the fullest.

We design your getaway in detail, for this all owners have an Experience Manager. Reservations at the best restaurants, access to exclusive events, private chefs...

They also have a network of experts in real estate, legal, lawyers, architects... that they can always count on.

Join a community of well-connected people eager to enjoy select experiences.

I have realized that VIVLA "forces" you to live life, not to stay in Madrid watching life go by.

How long can an owner enjoy his or her home?

You have access to a maximum of 42 nights per year per fraction. In general, owners reserve about 6 weeks per year.

Why 42 nights each year?
VIVLA reserves 29 days per year (4 weeks) to condition, improve and renovate the property in order to increase its value. Therefore, 336 nights per year are available to enjoy the house, which divided by 8 fractions gives a total of 42 nights per year per fraction.

How can an owner consume his nights?

You can consume your nights as you wish, you can plan up to 6 getaways a year at least one month in advance or go to the house whenever you want when there is availability.
Planned getaways guarantee the owner that he can use his property without another owner booking it for the same dates.

How long can they stay?

To guarantee access to all owners. The duration is a minimum of 2 nights and a maximum of 14 nights, if the owner wishes to stay more or less nights it must be approved by the Experience Manager.

Do owners have a priority order for planning their getaways?

No, the owners schedule their getaways based on availability.

When can an owner book his or her getaways?

In September of each year, the calendar opens for owners to book their year-round getaways (beginning in January). Their Experience Manager will contact them to assist with planning.

They will also be able to reserve at the time of purchase so they don't have to wait until September.

What if I want to book my getaway at another time?

You will be able to do it whenever you want since the calendar opens, you can plan up to 6 getaways at the same time with more than 30 days in advance or book at the time you want if there is availability.

How does the high season work?

In VIVLA we have high season and the rest of the year. High season depends on the location. There is no need to worry about missing the best dates. High season is divided into 16 weeks per year, guaranteeing all owners 2 weeks in high season (up to 14 nights). If an owner wants more nights and there is availability, this should be arranged with their Experience Manager.

Easy, FAIR scheduling

VIVLA gives you the best trip planning experience.

Each home share comes with 44 nights of stay, which includes 6 weeks of long stays, short stays, and special dates.

How booking works

Booking can be easily done through our user friendly app, or you can work with your home manager for a more specialized service. He or she will help you organize and plan your trips and try to ensure your booking needs are meet.

How long stays work:

When you buy a VIVLA home, you are eligible to book up to 6 weeks early in advance, which are considered long-term stays. These are distributed as follows:

  • One preferred week
  • 2 weeks during high season
  • 3 weeks during the rest of the year

How short stays work

Like long stays, short stays are also included in your 44 days of use per share and can be booked anytime from 24 hours to 60 days in advance. The maximum number of short term days is 44 days per year.

Equal booking opportunities during high season

High season stays count toward your 44 days of use per share.

Owners of 1/8 share have the option to book two separate one-week stays across two booking windows for high season periods.

No need to worry about losing out on the best dates. VIVLA ensures all owners have access to their homes during the most desirable in-demand dates of the year.

During the rest of the year, each owner can book up to 6 long stays per share. The duration of a stay is limited to 14 nights in a row per share.

Stays can be cancelled and modified directly in the app.

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