Boost your income with VIVLA

Join VIVLA and enjoy a referral commission when you help your clients co-own premium vacation home in the top destinations of Spain. At VIVLA, we take care of all the essential tasks, from inspections to the transaction process, and we ensure you stay well-informed throughout the journey.

Your client, your commission for life

Refer Clients Worldwide

Broaden your market and connect with prospective second home buyers around the globe. Regardless of your location or licensing, you can earn commissions by referring and closing clients with us.

Connect with confidence

Enjoy your commission payouts once the deal is sealed. Thanks to our limited company co-ownership structure, a share can be sold very fast.

We make it easy

Referring clients is a breeze with VIVLA. You make the introductions, and we handle the rest – from coordinating property viewings and addressing client queries to overseeing surveys, contracts, conveyancing, and exchanges. VIVLA takes care of everything.

Are you ready to become a VIVLA partner?

VIVLA partners are well-versed in our second home co-ownership model and actively promote this exciting opportunity within their database and network. To enhance your understanding of VIVLA and earn substantial referral commissions and equity, we’ve tailored our VIVLA certification so you have all the information you need and become a member.

Step 01


All you need to do is subscribe to our partner newsletter, and we'll provide you with all the essential information required to complete your certification and embark on your journey to sell VIVLA.


Step 02

Get a VIVLA overview:
In these documents you will find valuable information to understand how we do things at VIVLA.

Step 03

Access our marketing tool kit.
We’ve made it easy to share the message of VIVLA co-ownership with your clients. Use this suite of customizable assets that can be co-branded with your logo to get started.