Own and enjoy the home without having to buy the whole property. Flexible ownership of spectacular getaway homes.

This is how we do it

VIVLA Quality Seal 
All our homes are meticulously selected and quality assessed following VIVLA’s unique certification process.
Hassle-free purchase:
We work with the best in-market real estate agents and legal firms to offer a guaranteed quality and safe environment.
Personalized experience
We offer personalized listings and often communicate with our customers to always keep their preferences in mind.
Fully managed homes, zero maintenance 
We fully manage your home, from maintenance and repairs to any financial or legal aspect of it, so it is always ready to enjoy.
Unique services
We want to make you feel at home, so we offer services like storing and setting up your belongings, or having your favorite drinks and food ready to enjoy before your arrival.
Easy booking
Owners can communicate their preferred weeks of use each year and book the rest of the time on our easy, smooth app.

Time at your home. Easy, fast booking

How scheduling works
Every owner has a maximum of 44 nights per year/fraction.
We ensure every ⅛ owner has at least two week during peak season.
Bookings can be made up to 24 months in advance.
Nights can be given away to family and friends.

How much of the property do I get to own?

You can own anything from 1 to 4 shares of each property. Each share gives you access to 6 weeks of enjoyment every year

Am I 100% the owner?

Yes, you own all the home through a locally created LLC that is registered for the sole purpose of purchasing the home.

How long is the buying process?

The purchase cycle of a fraction can usually take from 2 weeks to 3 months. The buying process of a house depends on how many buyers there are and how many fractions each owner gets.

Schedule a 15 minute call to learn if
co-ownership is right for you