Legal model frequently questions

Our Co-Founder, Carlos Floria

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How does VIVLA's legal model work?

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Partners operating agreement

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Agreement between partners

What is the legal model like?

Yes, you are co-owner and shareholder of an SL, you sign a partnership agreement. At the time of signing, the co-owners own 100% of the house. The co-owners have total freedom to manage the house and Vivla takes care of the incidents. Having the real ownership of the house, you have deeds. You can buy and sell whenever you want and at the price you want.

Is there a financial return?

We only buy properties with high historical revaluation. Access the exclusive real estate market, invest in a safe haven asset that generates wealth in the long term.

Can I sell whenever I want?

Yes, sell your fraction whenever you want or exchange it for another fraction of a Vivla house. VIVLA co-owners have three liquidity windows.

During the first 12 months, a VIVLA co-owner can exchange his fraction in a VIVLA home for any other available VIVLA fraction. If the price of the new fraction is higher, he pays the difference. If it is lower, the difference remains as a credit to cover the maintenance costs of the new fraction.After the 12th month, a VIVLA co-owner can put the fraction up for sale at the price he/she considers. You can sell through Vivla or any real estate agency.And after 10 years you can liquidate your fraction if you wish.

What happens if an owner does not pay?

The partners' agreement establishes that you are not allowed to enter the housing, as long as you do not pay. Your housing is put up for rent to ensure the payment of your expenses.

What happens if Vivla disappears?

Nothing! Everything is already foreseen in the partners' agreement. When we sell the house we become only the administrator of the property, so it would be a change of administrator. You can also do it if you do not like our management.

In case of disappearance, Vivla commits itself to transfer the list of local suppliers who provide services to the house: cleaning, maintenance... and to transfer the use of its application for life and free of charge.