Homes Experience frequently questions

Decorated and design

VIVLA Studio designs each home 

Design process

Select from furniture to works of art and decoration

Your things

When you get home you will find all your things

Homes Experience frequently questions

Do the houses come already decorated?

Yes, we have an interior design studio within Vivla that is in charge of all decoration projects.

Can I leave my things at home?

Yes, we have storage spaces for you to leave some of your things, such as skis in the case of Baqueira.

What happens if something breaks in the house?

If it is a matter of wear and tear, such as a light bulb, it is paid for by all the owners. If during an owner's stay something breaks due to his fault, he pays for it.

What services do I have access to as an owner?

All owners have a Guest Experience to help them at all times, they will have the house prepared for each owner with their things. Your Guest Experience can help you with any of these additional services such as stocking the fridge or hiring a private chef.

Is VIVLA in charge of maintenance and ensuring that everything is in good condition?

We fully manage your home, from maintenance and repairs to any economic or legal aspect of it, so that it is always ready to enjoy.

Will the house be clean and tidy when I arrive?

When you get home you will find all your things, the groceries in the fridge, and everything you need. When you leave we will keep all your things in a safe place for your next stay.