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Buyers frequently questions

Am I the 100% owner?

Yes, you are co-owner and shareholder of an SL, you sign a partnership agreement. At the time of signing, the co-owners own 100% of the house. The co-owners have total freedom to manage the house and Vivla takes care of the incidents. Having the real ownership of the house, you have deeds. You can buy and sell whenever you want and at the price you want.

Does it work as a normal real estate purchase?

Yes, the legal forms and closing process are similar to those for a standard home purchase.

How many fractions is a house divided into?

Each house is divided into 8 fractions, up to a maximum of 4 per house can be purchased.

What are the phases of the sales process?

You will be able to reserve your fraction by making a deposit, if the purchase does not go through it will be returned to you and if it goes ahead it will be discounted from the total amount. After the deposit you will be able to consult any legal questions with our team of lawyers and finally the purchase will be signed before a notary.

What are my annual maintenance costs?

They vary depending on each house, usually between 1.5% and 2% per year of the price of the fraction. That is to say, if my fraction costs 100 thousand euros, it is normal that my monthly maintenance cost is around 200 euros.

Do I have a relationship with the other owners?

The model is set up so that your relationship is with Vivla and you don't need to get to know the rest of the owners. However, we organize events during the year to which we invite the owners to get to know each other.