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How many days per year do I have?

Distribution of the weeks

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How many days per year per fraction?

You are entitled to 42 days per year, which are divided differently in the beach or mountain houses so that all owners have the same opportunities.

🏖 In the beach houses you get 6 weeks, you can choose: 1 week in prime season and 1 week in high season, 2 weeks in mid season and 2 weeks in low season.

🏔️ In the cottages or mountain houses there are 17 days of ski season divided into 3 stays, one in high season (December long weekend, Christmas, New Year's Eve...) and 2 stays in ski season which is not high

In addition you have 1 week in summer season (July and August) and 3 stays out of summer and ski season.

How are the weeks distributed?

We have developed a system that promotes equity among all our owners, ensuring that each year you have excellent options to choose from. In the first year, the order is determined by the date of purchase. From the second year onwards, our innovative system comes into action. It consists of two rounds: In the first round, the system identifies the most disadvantaged owner from the previous year, giving them first choice. In the second round, the order is determined according to who has been most adversely affected in the first round, thus ensuring a fair and equitable distribution.

How does the fraction exchange work?

It works in a very simple way, if you offer a week to exchange, you get a week in another Vivla house within the same season. This allows you to move on to enjoy the rest of the houses.

Can I rent my weeks?

Yes, all owners will be able to rent their stays after two selection rounds and an exchange window, and the VIVLA team will try to maximize occupancy and profitability using the best tools on the market to optimize the price. Rental profit is shared equally only among owners who have chosen to rent their stays, and is based on the number of weeks rented within a season. In addition, the economic value of all weeks within a season is considered equal.

What are my annual maintenance costs?

They vary depending on each house, usually between 1.5% and 2% per year of the price of the fraction. That is to say, if my fraction costs 100 thousand euros, it is normal that my monthly maintenance cost is around 200 euros.