Multiply your sales. Reach more people.

A different selling model with many benefits.

Fractional ownership helps you expand your business. It increases your number of commissions and helps you reach more buyers.

📈 Increase your sales while keeping control of your clients

We help you increase your revenue on top of your regular business, with very little effort. Instead of losing potential clients with lower budgets, sellers have more options, and buyers access better properties at lower costs.

📊 5% commission per share

Each property is divided into 8 shares and gets sold through an established LLC. You get 5% commission on the price of each share sold, which means you sell more and faster. Your commission also improves, since it is applied to higher priced homes.

🗓 Diversify your portfolio

Fractional ownership grows your pool of interested clients, adds more properties to your portfolio and reaches different types of buyers. You also avoid seasonality since you reach a wider audience.

Collaborate with VIVLA

Let's work the VIVLA way

We work hand in hand to close the gap between supply and demand, and make sales more efficient. Our selling process is easy and agile, and we help you in every step:

  • 01.
    Introduce us to your client and we will close the deal for you while you retain full commission.
  • 02.
    You get 5% commission on the price of each share sold.
  • 03.
    No hassle: we do all the work for you, from educating clients to scheduling views or doing all the paperwork, or you can stay fully involved in the process.

Get in touch with us when you are ready. We will fully guide you into fractional ownership by explaining the steps to becoming an agent and what to expect in the process.

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