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We work with Garrigues, the number 1 law firm in Spain.
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How much of the property do I get to own?

You can own anything from 1 to 4 shares of each property. Each share gives you access to 6 weeks of enjoyment every year

Am I 100% the owner?

Yes, you own all the home through a locally created LLC that is registered for the sole purpose of purchasing the home.

Can I bring in my own group of people to share with?

You are more than welcome to do it. We want you to share your home with like minded people, so if you already share the mindset with others, let’s make sure to spread the joy.

How long is the buying process?

The purchase cycle of a fraction can usually take from 2 weeks to 3 months. The buying process of a house depends on how many buyers there are and how many fractions each owner gets.6.

Can I finance the purchase of the house?

Yes, the 100% of your fraction

Easy, FAIR scheduling

VIVLA gives you the best trip planning experience.

Each home share comes with 44 nights of stay, which includes 6 weeks of long stays, short stays, and special dates.

How booking works

Booking can be easily done through our user friendly app, or you can work with your home manager for a more specialized service. He or she will help you organize and plan your trips and try to ensure your booking needs are meet.

How long stays work:

When you buy a VIVLA home, you are eligible to book up to 6 weeks early in advance, which are considered long-term stays. These are distributed as follows:

  • One preferred week
  • 2 weeks during high season
  • 3 weeks during the rest of the year

How short stays work

Like long stays, short stays are also included in your 44 days of use per share and can be booked anytime from 24 hours to 60 days in advance. The maximum number of short term days is 44 days per year.

Equal booking opportunities during high season

High season stays count toward your 44 days of use per share.

Owners of 1/8 share have the option to book two separate one-week stays across two booking windows for high season periods.

No need to worry about losing out on the best dates. VIVLA ensures all owners have access to their homes during the most desirable in-demand dates of the year.

During the rest of the year, each owner can book up to 6 long stays per share. The duration of a stay is limited to 14 nights in a row per share.

Stays can be cancelled and modified directly in the app.

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